State Senator Ruckelshaus
2019-2020 Indiana SD30 Legislative
Issues Survey

“Our state government works best when every citizen has a voice in the legislative process. Please tell me what issues matter most to you by filling out this survey below.” – John Ruckelshaus

1. Which of the following do you feel would do most to improve K-12 education in Indiana?

Continue to increase funding.

Expand the state's voucher program to provide more families with the option to send their children to the school of their choice.

Reduce the amount of testing

Paying teachers more

Directing more K-12 education dollars to the classroom

2. Regarding health care, what is the most important to you?

Reducing healthcare costs, including health care premiums and prescription drug costs.

Access to quality healthcare.

Making sure pre-existing conditions are covered by health insurance.

Protecting Medicare for seniors

Protecting Medicaid

3. Please rank the following issues in order of importance to you (Rank 1-7)

Maintaining a strong economy with good paying jobs and low taxes.

Improving K-12 education.

Addressing the challenges with health care.



Protecting the environment.

Continuing to fight the opiod epidemic.

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