State Senator Ruckelshaus
2019-2020 Indiana SD30 Legislative
Issues Survey

“Our state government works best when every citizen has a voice in the legislative process. Please tell me what issues matter most to you by filling out this survey below.” – John Ruckelshaus

1. Which of the following do you feel would do most to improve K-12 education in Indiana?

Continue to increase funding.

Expand the state's voucher program to provide more families with the option to send their children to the school of their choice.

Reduce the amount of testing

Paying teachers more

Directing more K-12 education dollars to the classroom

2. Some say the state's voucher program is hurting our local public schools by diverting money to private and charter schools. Do you agree or disagree?



3. Regarding health care, what is the most important to you?

Reducing healthcare costs, including health care premiums and prescription drug costs.

Access to quality healthcare.

Making sure pre-existing conditions are covered by health insurance.

Protecting Medicare for seniors

Protecting Medicaid

4. Please rank the following issues in order of importance to you (Rank 1-7)

Maintaining a strong economy with good paying jobs and low taxes.

Improving K-12 education.

Addressing the challenges with health care.



Protecting the environment.

Continuing to fight the opiod epidemic.

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Important Legislation

Health Care

Every Hoosier deserves affordable, quality health care. That’s why I’m leading the charge to help control health care costs. I’ve introduced legislation that promotes transparency in pricing and I supported legislation that will guarantee health insurance to Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions regardless of what happens at the federal level with the Affordable Care Act.


I’m not afraid to stand up and take the hard votes that elevate the teaching profession and invest in future Hoosier generations, even if members of my own party don’t agree with me. We can have a respectful conversation on the issues if we take the time to listen on how we can improve our education system. That’s why I meet regularly with teachers, administrators, and parents to gather their input. I supported a balanced budget that puts education first by including a record, new $763 Million in K-12 funding and $75 Million in Teacher Appreciation Grants to show our teachers how much we value their service.

Redistricting Reform

To make our redistricting efforts fairer and more open to our citizens’ input, I have introduced legislation that would create an independent commission that would draw the maps during redistricting.

Economic Development

Indiana is one of the best states in the nation for business thanks to a decade of low taxes and balanced budgets, and I will always vote for pro-growth legislation that provides good, high-paying jobs for Hoosiers. But to develop a skilled Hoosier workforce, we must also integrate vocational trades in our community colleges and K-12 education. I supported giving our high schools more flexibility to create new career and technical education (CTE) courses. In addition, I’m working hard every day to find solutions that will tackle reducing student debt by making colleges and trade schools more affordable.

Paid Family Leave

One of the biggest concerns I hear from my constituents is how we can support Hoosier families after the birth of a child. That’s why I’ve led a bipartisan effort to provide voluntary, paid family leave through an insurance plan that will cover wages after the birth of a child. My bill has received overwhelming bipartisan support and I will continue to fight to pass this legislation that will provide critical support to Hoosier women in the workforce.


I’m proud of my efforts through legislation and establishing the White River Caucus that has brought stakeholders, from all sides of the political spectrum, together to help protect our natural resources. In order to revitalize and raise awareness of the White River’s natural beauty, I’m also leading efforts to partner government and philanthropic organizations together to allow Hoosiers to enjoy outdoor recreational activities in our forests and our trails.

Making Public Service About People, Not Politics

In the bipartisan spirit of U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, it’s been my honor to host bipartisan townhalls to present the public with all sides of the issues. These townhalls give both sides an opportunity to ask me questions and give me feedback, which helps me create solutions that best represent our district.

Student Advisory Groups

I created the Senator Ruckelshaus Student Advisory Committee made up of high school students from every school in my district. We meet regularly so students have a voice in state government. Last session this committee drafted a school safety bill and had legislation pass on the state senate floor. We need to empower future generations of Hoosiers by listening to their concerns and acting on their input.

Finding Solutions
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